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Welcome to Complete Care

Regardless of Circumstance.

At Sacred Circle Healthcare, we’re committed to providing the complete care you deserve, regardless of circumstance.


From Family Medicine to Dentistry, Welcome to Your Circle of Care™.

Our Circle of Care™ philosophy stems from our devotion to patient relationships and the Goshute tribe’s tradition of healing. With diverse providers and specialties working together in a single location, our 360º approach ensures we explore all viable options for our patients.


Complete Care Without Discrimination

To those most in need, we extend to all the Goshute heritage of protecting and caring for family. Reflecting the diversity of our community and patients, SCHC accommodates language diversity including English, Spanish, and Arabic with translation services available.

Open Doors & Open Hearts

With greater flexibility on caring for Medicaid, Medicare, and uninsured patients, Sacred Circle provides accessible and individualized care to those who otherwise might not receive it. We assist with Medicaid registration and referral providers to ensure everyone receives the care they deserve.

Free Transportation

Get rides to and from your Sacred Circle appointments as part of our Circle of Care™.

*Must meet program qualifications.

Beautiful Clinics Conveniently Located to Serve You

Salt Lake City Clinic

West Valley City Clinic

Pamela’s Place Clinic

Ibapah Clinic

Fairbourne Clinic


A Heritage of Caring

As an entity of the Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Reservation (CTGR), Sacred Circle reveres the legacy and heritage of the Goshute people. As our ancestors before us, we understand that every individual has a body and spirit that must be nurtured and cared for and as we remember our heritage of caring for ourselves we will in turn be able to care for others.