About Us - Sacred Circle Healthcare

Redefining compassionate healthcare.™

Started in 2012 as an entity of the Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Reservation (CTGR), Sacred Circle Healthcare (SCHC) is proudly owned and operated by the Goshutes. Preserving the Goshute heritage of protecting and caring for family, we extend that tradition to all underserved populations in our local communities.

We refuse to let access, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status restrict someone from receiving complete healthcare. The primary payor for SCHC is Medicaid with other contracts such as Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Molina. Additionally, we operate as a 638 contract with 340b pricing for pharmacy services.


Circle of Care

Our enveloping, Circle of Care philosophy stems from our devotion to patient relationships and the Goshute tradition of healing. Our ancestors understood that ceremony and communication are critical components to health and recovery. Historically, sitting together, counseling together, and praying together ensured all parties moved forward with positivity and unity toward a common goal.

Today, this philosophy drives our wrap-around care as diverse providers work in seamless coordination with each other, external experts, and patients. From physical care and pharmacy to mental health and dentistry, our 360º approach ensures we explore all options and viable solutions for our patients.

Like Kings and Queens

The marginalized. The minorities. The refugees. To those who are routinely discriminated against and turned away, we open our doors and our hearts. In place of judgment, we offer compassion. Kindness over criticism. World-class care instead of substandard services.

We give voice to populations who are routinely left out of their own healthcare decisions. Treating our patients like the kings and queens they are is key to restoring the dignity so vital to the healing process.

Tribal Longevity

Our ancestors were historically self-sufficient for generation upon generation. It is our responsibility to continue in this tradition by providing life and longevity to the individual and collective members of the Goshute Tribe. As a tribe-owned entity, maintaining our cultural foundation and contributing to the sustainability of our people is at the core of all we do. We are committed to fiscal responsibility and using profits to improve tribal members’ access to premier healthcare solutions.

Through improved health, community education, and employment opportunities, we enable Native Americans to better themselves while helping secure the tribe’s future.